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Natural Self-Care Tips For Working Moms

Working Moms wear many hats and most times, are stretched thin, physically, mentally, and emotionally. For moms to effectively take care of others, they first must take care of themselves. Any activity that you engage in which nurtures your physical, mental, and emotional well-being is considered self-care.

Self-care goes beyond a day at the spa or getting a quick pedicure or manicure. Self-care for working moms with essential oils has been shown to elevate moods, promote relaxation, and decrease the overall effects of stress, anxiety, and worry. Aromatherapy and self-care with pure essential oils can also help increase focus, and bring about a state of peace and a sense of grounded well-being. In other words, natural self-care products made with pure essential oils are perfect for busy moms’ quality self-care!

Cedar Hill Botanicals provides a variety of natural self-care wellness products handmade with pure essential oils available in aromatherapy inhalers, aromatherapy roller blends, shower steamers, luxurious oils, and skin care.

Below is a short list of suggested methods to incorporate pure essential oils into your daily self-care routine.

  1. For relaxation, Lavender is a nice choice while writing in a journal. You can use Lavender essential oil in a room diffuser, or personal aromatherapy nasal inhaler, or an aromatherapy roller blend. Lavender’s floral aroma is world-renowned for its calming, soothing properties for the mind and skin alike.

  2. For meditation, a Lemon, and Peppermint personal aromatherapy nasal inhaler, or aromatherapy roll-on is uplifting and will keep your mind clear, centered, and focused.

3. An essential oil and menthol aromatherapy shower steamer can be used in a morning shower to revitalize you for the coming day or in an evening shower to relax and unwind. Shower steamers also relieve headache pain, sinus congestion, and pressure, as well as remedy a bad mood brought on by a stressful day.

4. After a shower, pat your skin dry and gently massage in all-over, luxurious Flower Bomb Oil infused with organic flowers, Lavender, and Rose Absolute pure essential oils. This liquid gold is deeply nourishing and moisturizing for skin and hair and has amazing anti-aging properties. It makes a loving self-care wellness gift for yourself, loved ones, and friends.

5. For anxiety relief, a blend of Lavender, Marjoram Sweet, Ylang Ylang Complete, Sandalwood Australian, Peru Balsam, Chamomile Roman, Spruce, Frankincense, Ho Wood, and Blue Tansy is a complex, amazingly powerful pure essential oil blend that soothes and reduces the overall effects associated with anxiety, worry, restlessness, and stress. It promotes a sense of calm and grounded well-being, enabling you to better deal with daily challenges. It is available in a personal aromatherapy inhaler and aromatherapy roll-on as well as a gift set.

6. For stress relief and relaxation, a blend of Blood Orange, Grapefruit Pink, Ylang Ylang Complete, and a dash of Patchouli helps to soothe the overall systematic effects of daily stress by promoting a sense of tranquil calm. This amazing blend is available in an aromatherapy nasal inhaler, roll-on, and custom-order shower steamers.

Please note, if you are under a physician’s care for any medical, health condition, or disease, are taking prescribed medication, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your physician before using essential oil products.

Small children and pets can be sensitive to essential oils, especially when used in a room diffuser. Cats lack a crucial liver enzyme that metabolizes essential oils. Please consult your pediatrician, or veterinarian before diffusing any essential oils around small children and pets.

How do you use pure essential oils for self-care? I’d love to know! Please share in the comment section below.

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