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About Cedar Hill Botanicals

It all started years ago when I was sick and tired of feeling sick and exhausted when I discovered the incredible therapeutic benefits of essential oils. I was hooked right away and couldn't wait to learn more! Fast-forward to today. I'm a certified professional Aromatherapist and am officially retired from the beauty enhancement industry. Without any doubt, I can confidently say that embracing the benefits of essential oils has improved my life in so many positive ways!

It is so important to take care of oneself. That's why I am passionate and dedicated to creating premium products that prioritize and improve your overall well-being.

Discover the benefits of a personalized aromatherapy consultation tailored to your unique needs. Get in touch with me to start the conversation.

I am thrilled to join you on your wellness journey and helping you live

your best life!

With warmest regards,

Arlene Matthews, LPC, CA

Arlene Matthews Certified Professional Aromatherapist
Arlene Matthews NAHA Member Certificate
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