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Exploring Essential Oils, Crystals and Christianity

Woman reading the Bible with a cup of coffee.

I was initially hesitant to embrace essential oils and crystals due to concerns about potential conflicts with my Christian faith. However, after conducting extensive research and engaging in numerous discussions, I have concluded that the acceptability of essential oils and crystals largely depends on how they are utilized and promoted.

Rose petals, sea salt and pouring oil into mortar with pestle.

Derived from plants and flora created for our well-being by our Creator, essential oils, herbs, spices, oils, and crystals were once utilized as remedies for various ailments and illnesses before modern medicines and antibiotics. When discussing the healing properties of crystals, it refers to the interaction between the vibrational energy of the crystal and the person. It's crucial to remember that everything, including Earth, oils, and crystals, was made by God. Crystals come from rock formations that undergo intense heat and pressure within the Earth, resulting in varying colors and sizes due to the various mineral compositions and combinations of heat and pressure. Many individuals attribute the influence that crystals have on their mindset, beliefs, and emotions to their vibrational energy, rather than dark magic. However, long-ago practices led to accusations of witchcraft against herbalists, healers, and midwives, regardless of their intentions, causing mass hysteria and barbaric practices such as burning at the stake.

Reiki crystals.

Cedar Hill Botanicals crystal infused essential oil rollers.

Certain essential oil companies promote their products in a paganistic and dark magic manner, while others, like the ones I deal with, simply describe the natural therapeutic properties and health benefits of their oils. All of my essential oil aromatherapy and natural self-care wellness products are carefully handcrafted with pure intentions and are intended to enhance your self-care routine and overall well-being without any disconcerting

practices involved.

Cedar Hill Botanicals pure essential oil and Himalayan sea salt aromatherapy inhalers.

With warmest regards,

A. M. Matthews, LCP, CA.

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