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5 Best Back To School Essential Oils

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

As students head back to school, essential oils can provide a motivating, inspiring, and encouraging aroma. These oils can offer potential academic advantages, making them a valuable addition to any student's backpack. Using essential oils can provide benefits such as encouraging creative inspiration, promoting motivation to study, and purifying protection against germs from crowded areas and dorms. Making aromatherapy recipes with essential oils can not only smell great but may also prove to be an effective learning tools. Here are 5 best back to school essential oils to elevate your family's daily self care routine and over all well-being.


Bright and sweet, lemon essential oil is a focus booster that blends well with most essential oils and is safe for children.


Known for its calming abilities, lavender is a great back-to-school oil for all ages. It can help create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere for bedtime after a long day at school.


Increase brainpower with the camphorous aroma of rosemary essential oil. It is traditionally linked to memory, recollections, and nostalgia, making it a perfect complement to reading and studying.


The purifying and potent spice and camphor-like aroma of tea tree essential oil promotes a sense of cleansed protection during Fall and winter seasonal challenges.

Orange slices.
Orange essential oil is distilled from the peel.


Orange essential oil is uplifting and delightful to the senses and encourages creativty in students of all ages.

By far the most common way people use an essential oil is just by breathing it in. It's a simple and straightforward method for the oil to be quickly absorbed into your system and become effective almost immediately. The second most common method involves mixing the essential oil with a carrier oil and applying it topically to the skin.

Before diffusing essential oils around children under the age of two years or cats, consult with their pediatrician or veterinarian.


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