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Good bye Old Man Winter, Hello Spring!

Here in the Pocono Foothills, old man winter sure has been kicking and screaming exiting this year. I think, Spring has finally sprung, bringing us renewal with the emerging flowers and the sweet melodies of returning song birds. I've made the home made clear Hummingbird nectar and have hung out the feeders but have yet to visually see a Hummer, hopefully soon!

Dare we hope for life returning to normal? I certainly am! I've been working through out the long winter months, adding new products to our line up for 2022. As of today, I've added SLS Free natural shampoo and conditioner bar sets, new artisan soap scents, a sea salt scrub bar, an unscented goat milk face cleanser bar and hydro jello face mask powders. I've added a few new blends to our signature essential oil aromatherapy nasal inhalers and rollers. Our signature sinus & allergy relief essential oil & menthol aromatherapy shower steamers are now extra strong and extra large, available in a two pack. I am proud to say, our products are now wrapped in a biodegradable film! All such wrapped products have a small sticker attesting to this.

I've been regularly adding new in person events to our 2022 calendar. Be sure to check out the calendar for an Tri-State event near you!

As always, wishing you and yours happiness and good health!

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