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Etsy Star Seller Program Is Flawed

Etsy is a wonderful e-commerce platform that showcases an array of talented small business owners and their amazing handcrafted wares.

I've been a seller on Etsy since 2018. Recently, Etsy launched the Star Seller Program. To qualify for the program, as a seller, you have to have a 100% rating in three categories.

1. Answering messages, ie.; customer service.

2. Processing & shipping orders on time.

3. Receiving five star reviews from satisfied buyers.

Etsy currently states, star seller qualifying or not, doesn't reflect negatively on your shop stats. Hmmmm, I am not convinced of that at all now.

You see, I qualified for September 2021, the first month the star seller program rolled out. After researching on Etsy and discussing the Star Seller Program amongst other Etsy Seller, I've come to the solid conclusion, that receiving one, yes, only one, 4 star review, knocks the 100% review rating down to 89%, give or take. I could understand the final ratio, if it was based on a realistic mathematical equation. Since, September, I've received less than five, 4 star reviews. In my humble opinion, a 4 star review is still a very good rating but apparrently not to the Etsy Star Seller Program algorithms. I have been blessed to receive numerous 5 star reviews since September and yet my review rating is at 89% or less. Please?! Someone enlighten me as to how the rating is accurate.

I've also found, that my over all Etsy views and sales have decreased significantly, once I did not qualify as a Star Seller October 1st. I did a comparison to the same time period last year and a search as a buyer. I can clearly see my product listings are still in the top 40 search hits in their Etsy categories. Something is not right. Again, all of this does not make logical or mathematical sense to me.

So, after much pondering and stewing, I am trying not to laser focus on Etsy's obviously, very flawed Star Seller Program. I will continue doing what I am doing and keep the faith that Etsy will realize the program is not beneficial nor supportive of their sellers.

Please, buy American made by supporting small American businesses this Holiday Season. Shop small. Shop Local. A small business owner does a little jig with each purchase! God Bless.


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