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A sense of peace in a trying time.....

With most of the country's non essential businesses and schools closed and Americans practicing strict social distancing in their homes, to diminish the spread of corona virus, our anxiety levels are elevated.

Anxiety can cause sleep disturbances and physical stressors that weaken our immune systems, which we can not afford during this trying time.

Self Care is a top priority, more so now than ever! CHB signature lines of essential oil aromatherapy inhalers, aromatherapy shower steamers and natural artisan soaps will help you get through this period. Our variety of personal essential oil aromatherapy products naturally help boost our immune systems and eases the effects of worry & stress while promoting a sense of peace & calm.

Health consultants advise us to turn off the 24/7 media bombardment to give your mind and soul a much needed break.

Play a board game with your loved ones, reconnect with them. Break out the playing cards. Cook or bake with your kids. Go out side and soak in some immune and mood boosting vitamin D from the sunshine. Play a game of fetch with your dog. Dust off the good book and read a few chapters and spend quiet time with our creator. Practice yoga and meditation. Drink a cup of hot herbal tea. I could go on and on!

To promote mental and physical relaxation, I personally recommend no screen time for one hour before bed. Take a relaxing bath with one of CHB Natural Artisan Soaps or a soothing shower with a CHB aromatherapy Shower Steamer. Ahhhh... feel the calming, soothing warmth of the water and breathe in the essential oils' natural therapeutic benefits!

Keep the faith and trust, this too, shall all pass, with time.

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