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2020 Quarantine Day 43

I’m, honestly, marking the days off on the wall calendar to keep track, as they have all begun to blend and blur together. Oh sure, it was nice sleeping in the first week and staying up late binge watching Netflix but that got old, fast.

I’ve rearranged and organized my apothecary studio twice and accomplished a thorough domestic Spring cleaning, finished some long over due projects around the house and have been playing around with my abstract fluid artwork. Things that I didn’t really have spare time for before the pandemic Stay Home mandate. However, I’m truly missing all of the excitement of the Spring Craft Fairs, Markets and Vendor Events. I so look forward to them every year, especially the socializing with all of the vendors and shoppers.

My husband is an essential worker in New Jersey which means I am alone for long periods of time. Our children are grown so it’s just the two of us and our little house lion and old house panther here. One loves me being home and has become my constant companion and the other is ambivalent as always. I’ve enjoyed face timing with loved ones and chatting on the phone, not texting, with dear friends. I find myself humming as I putter around the house like I did when my sons were little.

Just like everyone else, I’ve upped our home sanitization and general cleaning to a higher level. I don’t think our house has every been this organized and super clean! I do have to say, I quite like it this way. I've made good use of this time at home.

The new heightened awareness of this unseen enemy, creates an unaccustomed degree of anxiety with in all of us. Fear, worry and anxiety can take a serious toll on our mental and physical well being, young and old alike. Our personal care has to be a top priority, now more than ever.

We have to stay centered and grounded. To accomplish this, we need to focus on our health, wellness and daily routines. Sure, we can still enjoy wearing our comfortable PJ’s and lounge wear but we need to be mindful of making healthy choices, food and activity wise. If you are able, please support your local small business and restaurants. They are feeling the impact of the social distancing. Most restaurants are now offering healthy choices for curbside pick ups and deliveries. Some local Yoga studios and Churches are offering virtual classes and services on Zoom and YouTube. While I was browsing Netflix, I've found a huge variety of Tai Chi, Yoga and all types of work outs for all ages and abilities. Who knew Chair Yoga and Tai Chi for beginners would make me realize just how much my body and mind needed them!

Remember, don't lose sight of the bigger picture; this too shall pass, eventually, with time. In the interim, focus on you and your loved ones health, wellness and spirituality. Feed your mind, body and soul every day with good food, exercise, kindness, nature, prayer and aromatherapy.

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For now, stay safe, stay well and God Bless ~ Arlene

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