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A Woman Owned, Small American Business Specializing in Handmade Premium Essential Oil Aromatherapy Self Care & Wellness Products

Cedar Hill Botanicals believes self care is the true foundation of a happy & healthy life! Our premium products are the building blocks for that very foundation. They are naturally beneficial for you, environmentally friendly and priced affordably. You will find no nonsense, ethically & sustainably sourced, vegan, organic, non-gmo, natural botanical ingredients & pure

essential oils in our premium products. 

We ship within the United States of America via USPS. All packages are insured for everyone's

peace of mind.

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Handmade With Pure Essential Oils


The use of essential oils has ancient origins dating back thousands of years.  The actual term "aromatherapy" originated from Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, after he treated a burn with lavender oil. After seeing the burned skin's amazing transformation, Gattefosse, focused his research on the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Inhalation is the most direct method to receive the essential oils into our system. When we inhale essential oils, the odor molecules trigger thousands of receptors in the olfactory membrane inside our noses, stimulating the limbic system, our emotional brain center, to release neurotransmitters, regulating our moods, balancing our psychological and physical states while clearing nasal passages for easier breathing. We offer a wonderful selection of therapeutic blends for you to choose from and they can go with you everywhere! They are recommended for ages 10 & up. Please don't share an inhaler to avoid sharing germs & viruses.

How do you use an aromatherapy nasal inhaler?

Remove the cover from the inhaler, close your eyes, allow yourself to relax, place the inhaler below one nostril, press opposite nostril closed with a finger tip, inhale & exhale deeply, slowly on the count of 4. Do this three times each nostril. Use as needed. 



Premium Essential Oil Roller Blends

Our signature line of essential oil aromatherapy roller blends provides personal aromatherapy anytime, anywhere! They can be tossed in your purse, back pack, go bag, desk drawer, left by your nightstand or in your office, all ready when you need a blissful moment of much needed self care. How do you use an essential oil aromatherapy roller? 

Gently roll the bottle between palms to blend before each use. Remove the cap and roll on pulse points, temples, back of the neck, sternum & on bottom of big toe areas, in a clockwise direction a few times. Close your eyes & control your breathing. Use as needed. 

• Reflexology note: The Grandfather/Grandson pressure point is located three finger widths behind the base of your big toe, on the inside side of your foot. Applying pressure and essential oil blends to this point will help balance energy, circulation, relieving your mind & body of stress & worry. • Why a clockwise direction? To be in sync with our circulatory system.


Handmade Essential Oil & Menthol Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

Indulging in the ancient practice of steam aromatherapy in the privacy of your own shower is self care at it's finest! Our premium essential oil & naturally derived peppermint menthol, aromatherapy blends turn your ho hum shower into an amazing Spa aromatherapy experience! Inhalation of our premium blends directly stimulate our limbic system, our brain's emotional center, releasing neurotransmitters, regulating our moods, balancing our psychological and physical states while opening nasal & bronchial passages for easier breathing.

Our signature Sinus Soother & Allergy Relief, bigger and stronger, 2 packs are now available in the Etsy Shop.  

How do you use an Aromatherapy Shower Steamer? 
Place a shower steamer on shower floor or shelving, out of direct spray of water but where water can splash on it. Turn the shower on to a warm/hot setting, close the bathroom door to keep the aromatic steam in. Splashes of water activates the steamer, releasing the select aromatherapy into the steamy shower air. Wait a minute or two, adjust water temperature to your liking, then step into the steamy shower. Ahhh! Close your eyes, allow yourself to relax, slowly inhale and exhale on the count of 4 as the warm soothing, water courses over your body & the aromatic steam envelops you,

working its magic!

I strongly recommend using a shower steamer at the beginning of your shower to receive the maximum aromatherapy, before using other scented soaps and self care products.


The Handcrafting of Our Essential Oil & Menthol 

Aromatherapy Shower Steamers

1. The dry ingredients are measured, sifted and blended, except the citric acid.

2. The previously prepped isopropyl alcohol, essential oil & menthol blend is thoroughly mixed in.  

3. The citric acid is now sifted and thoroughly combined into the mixture. I prefer the mixture's texture to be similar to damp, moldable sand.

4. I firmly packed the shower steamer mold and trim off the bottom. I tap the mold on all sides with a rubber spatula releasing the perfectly molded shower steamer onto a wax paper lined, baker's sheet. Each sheet is placed inside the baker's rack to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. The rack's protective cover is zipped closed.