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Spring 2021Has Arrived!

I hope this finds you and yours well and enjoying the Spring Season of 2021, I know we certainly are. Our petite Daffodils have begun to emerge along the sunny side of the house. I so look forward to seeing their bright sunny colors. Daffodils are a true harbinger of the long awaited arrival of Spring in the Poconos!

With the continuing challenging times, everyone can benefit from our wonderful selection of self care and aromatherapy products.

I am so excited to be sharing our new signature line of pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Roll Ons. They are proudly hand crafted in America, with pure essential oils and organic Grape Seed Oil as the carrier oil. Not only are our essential oil rolls on ideal personal aromatherapy, they can also be worn as natural personal scents. Be sure to check out the listing in our Etsy Shop for more information!

After the USPS 2020 holiday delivery debacle, a hard lesson was learned. Now, every order, no matter the value, that is shipped via USPS domestic first class, will be insured for everyone’s peace of mind!

Cedar Hill Botanicals will be a vendor at Bialas Farms Annual Mother’s Day Plant Sale & Market, Saturday May 8th from 9:00am - 2:00pm (possibly until 4:00pm) Please follow social distancing guidelines, mask up, sanitize your hands at the entrance. Come on out for this wonderful annual event. Bialas Farms 74 Celery Ave. New Hampton NY 10958

I also plan to participate with Pennsylvania’s Masthope Mountain Community Sunday Farmers Market this year, a few Sundays a month, beginning in May. Look for us set up on top of Big Bear ski slopes with Aunt Mimi’s Bird Houses Plus!

Our signature all natural, bug & tick repellent, Bug Begone, is back in production. I created this product out of desperation! I could not enjoy being out doors without being eaten alive. Bug Begone has been my saving grace - allowing me to, once again, enjoy all that the beautiful outdoors has to offer, bug bite free! Our 5.5 oz. spray is safe and effective not only for humans 2 years and up, but for dogs and horses as well.

Our signature line of Essential Oil Aromatherapy Inhalers continue to be favored self care gifts. Inhalation is the most direct and fastest way to reap the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Our inhalers and roll ons can be used anytime, anywhere!

Our single use size & 12 packs of Aromatherapy Shower Steamers, available in a variety of scents, were once again, a best selling Etsy stocking stuffer for the 3rd consecutive year! The limited edition Holiday Aromatherapy Shower Steamers sold out in record time and will be back again for the 2021 Holiday Season.

Last but not least, a little sampling of our USA premium hand made soaps. They are wonderful self care products all year long. Pictured below, top, left to right: Mountain Air, Sandalwood, Golden Sunrise, Oatmeal Milk Honey, bottom: Lavender Patchouli, Lavender & Tangerine Grapefruit. We also have Jewelweed Soap for the outdoor enthusiasts. The Jewelweed plant is natures very own poison ivy, sumac & oak preventative. All outdoor enthusiasts should have a bar of our Jewelweed soap on hand!

I want to take this time to thank you for your continued support of a woman owned, small American business!

Best regards,


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