• Arlene Matthews

New Product Launch!

Hello Friends - I am so excited to be introducing our new signature line of Chakra balancing crystal infused essential oil rollers! They are debuting at Sunrise Lake 2022 Craft & Vendor Fair located at 101 Sunrise Drive Milford PA 18337. July 2, 10am - 4pm. Rain date July 3. Our Chakra balancing rollers are hand crafted with pure essential oils, fractionated coconut oil, cleansed and charged clear crystal quartz gem stones. Clear crystal quartz is very beneficial for all 7 Chakras. You choose the Chakra balancing blend for your specific needs from the drop down menu in the Etsy shop. www.cedarhillbotanicals.etsy.com

Crown Chakra: LAVENDER, FRANKINCENSE & BLOOD ORANGE balances the mind, promotes unity, soul purpose, calmness & peace.

Third Eye Chakra: CLARY SAGE, PATCHOULI & LEMON balances emotional stability & clarity, awakening the third eye, promoting self & situational awareness.

Throat Chakra: PEPPERMINT, SPEARMINT & EUCALYPTUS are invigorating & balances metabolism and stimulates self expression & open communication.

Heart Chakra: ROSE, BERGAMOT & LIME balances relationships, opens the heart, chest & lungs, allowing the flow of positive energy.

Solar Plexus Chakra: LEMON, LIME & GRAPEFRUIT PINK are uplifting, energizing & supports the digestive system, cleanses the liver, gallbladder & banishes negative energies.

Sacral Chakra: ORANGE SWEET, TANGERINE & BERGAMOT soothes and balances the reproductive system, emotional health & addictive behaviors, promotes creativity, playfulness and a healthy libido.

Root Chakra: P

ATCHOULI, FRANKINCENSE & BLOOD ORANGE releases negative energy, promoting a complete overall grounded wellbeing.

7 Chakra Complete Balance: LAVENDER & PATCHOULI & ROSE are universal essential oils for balancing & nourishing all of the 7 Chakras.

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