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Jewel Weed ~ The Natural Poison Ivy Rash Remedy

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

  1. Jewel Weed ~ the natural remedy of the dreaded blistery, itchy rash from poison ivy, oak & sumac. The best "treatment" for poison ivy rash is, of course, prevention. That advice, however, will do you little good when you accidentally come into contact with it in during outdoor activities. The weed called "jewelweed" is also known as: Impatiens capensis, a wild version of the colorful impatiens plants sold mainly for shady annual beds. Jewelweed is an annual native to eastern North America. It likes wet areas and can attain a height of 6 feet in ideal soil conditions. Its flowers can be yellow or orange, but what gives jewelweed away is its succulent, light-green stems. The plant looks juicy, and it is precisely that juice that is made into an extract. The coveted extract is incorporated into CHB goat milk soap base to create our Jewel Weed Natural Artisan Soap. This soap effectively removes the poisonous oil from the skin's surface, when used promptly and thoroughly after exposure. CHB Jewelweed Soap also speeds the healing of an existing rash when used consistently.

  2. CHB 2020 debuting, Natural Artisan Soap Bars are extra large, weighing in at 5+ solid ounces!

  3. CHB strongly recommends to allow our Natural Artisan Soap Bars to air dry in-between uses on a well draining soap deck. Their longevity depends on it!

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